Forex Rebate service for Global Consulting Group Limited partners

The Forex Rebate service is a popular client engagement mechanism based on the return of a part of the affiliate commission. Partners using the Forex Rebate service get a serious advantage: cashback for each completed trade, regardless of the results.

The partner attracts more loyal customers, they increase their trading volumes, and the partner gets a higher reward.

What is Rebate
on Forex?

Affiliate rebate is a partial return of the spread to the client as a percentage of the affiliate commission. A Global Consulting Group Limited partner with Master IB status and higher can set up rebates for their referrals by choosing the percentage compensated from their affiliate commission to the referred client. Despite the fact that the partner's income from each trade made by their referral decreases, partners use the rebate to increase the number of referrals and trading volume.

Why do partners need the Forex Rebate service?

Give your Global Consulting Group Limited referrals an extra edge! The affiliate rebate service helps attract customers and expand your referral network faster, increases their loyalty and motivates them to trade actively. The partner is guaranteed to receive a larger trade volume in their referral group, which means more profit. Rebates are credited to referrals from both profitable and unprofitable trades.