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30% BONUS terms and conditions

  1. Promo-code for getting a bonus is BONUS30.
  2. To get a 30% bonus, a client must activating the promocode by entering the promo-code when depositing via Global Consulting Group Limited Client’s profile. The bonus will be paid into the account automatically right after the account has been topped up.
  3. By activating the promo-code for bonus getting clients automatically confirm that they have read and agreed with these terms and conditions.
  4. The promo-bonus applies to the following types of account: START, ECN CLASSIC.
  5. The promo-code may be activated till 31.12.2020.
  6. A client may use this promo-code for each deposit more than $100.
  7. The bonus is credited only for external deposits. The bonus will not be credited for internal transfers between client’s trading accounts.
  8. Participation in the promotion is available to all registered Global Consulting Group Limited's clients from next countries: Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, Nigeria, The Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico.
  9. One trading account can only have one type of bonus credited at a time.
  10. Maximum leverage on trading accounts participating in the promotion cannot exceed 1:1000.
  11. The bonus funds are added to the field "Credit" of trading account and may be used for trading as additional margin.
  12. The bonus is company's own funds credited to a trading account as a percentage of its deposit. The maximum total bonus amount which can credited per one transaction under this promotion is $3000 (or the equivalent in the currency of a trading account).
  13. Any profit made on account with bonus funds may be immediately withdrawn without any limitations.
  14. The bonus validity period is 90 calendar days from the day it was accrued to the account.
  15. If, after the withdrawal, the available balance on the account is less than that amount of the deposit, which the bonus was accrued on, the bonus size is being reduced proportionally to the available funds on the account.
  16. The bonus funds will be deducted if Stop Out happens in the account.
  17. Both equity and bonus funds may be used for trading without any limits. Bonus funds are "drawdown-proof": they will not be deducted from the account if the client's equity falls below the level of bonus funds until Stop Out occurs.
  18. The bonus funds may be transferred from the "credit" to the "balance" field and become available for withdrawal only if the following conditions are met:
    - client has to make a trading volume in amount of not less than 30% of the bonus amount;
    - client have to make at least 50 trades;
  19. When counting the total volume and amount of trades it must be noted that:
    - calculating includes only the trades made after receiving the bonus;
    - calculating does not consider locked positions;
    - calculating does not consider trades resulting in less than 3 points;
    - calculating does not consider trades are taken into consideration for transferring another bonus to balance.

    An example of making your bonus withdrawable:
    For example, you deposit $1000 to your account and get a $300 bonus. To transfer the bonus from credit to balance, you need to trade at least 30% of the size of the credited bonus calculated in lots which makes it 90 lots.
    After trading 90 lots, you will have to send a request to the client support service that you need the bonus funds to be transferred to your balance. After checking the conditions, our support specialist will make bonus funds available for withdrawal.
    Keep in mind that if you have traded for example only 10 lots out of 90, then deposited and got another bonus, then the trades which you have made in order to make it withdrawable will only start adding up after fulfilling the conditions of the first bonus. That is, trades that are used for calculating the trading volume for transferring a bonus to balance will not be taken into account for the new bonuses.
  20. Global Consulting Group Limited has the right to cancel the bonus promotion or change promotion terms at any time without prior notice.
  21. Global Consulting Group Limited has the right to request Client’s any identity information and documents for verification. If Client refuse to provide such information, Global Consulting Group Limited has a right to cancel the bonus and all trades made after getting a bonus funds.
  22. Global Consulting Group Limited has the right to correct the results of a client’s trades on suspicion of "bonus hunting" activities or any other fraudulent actions as to bonus funds. A part of a trading result which was earned by use of bonus funds shall be cancelled. An insufficient trading activity in the account, such as execution of a single high-volume trade or several trades of lower volume conducted at the same rate and at nearly the same time, which represents a subdivision of a big trade into smaller ones, may serve as the reason for revising the results. As a rule, there is no sufficient trading history in such accounts. In case of detecting such trades, the Company may cancel the bonus at any time and without preliminary notice.
  23. Global Consulting Group Limited has the right to refuse a bonus providing or cancel a bonus and void the results of each trades made by using bonus funds without explanation. The reasons may include the following violations:
    - violation of these conditions of the promotion or any provisions of the main regulatory documents of the company;
    - suspicion of fraudulent activities with an aim of bonus hunting;
    - suspicion of registration of several client profiles by one individual for bonus using;
    - incorrect personal data indicated in the client profile and/or the absence of full profile verification;
    - imitation of trade using locked positions on the trading account;
    - opening of opposite positions of equal volume approximately and at the same time approximately on different trading accounts belonging to the same individual.